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Wyoming Insurance Practice Exams:

Wyoming Insurance Practice Exams and Tests


Please read before you purchase:

First of all, if you have a full pre-licensing course from America's Professor (20+ hours of lecture videos, 750+ questions) please do NOT buy these sample practice questions as your course will more than cover these questions plus many more.

The sample insurance exams below are for people who are looking for an example of insurance exam type questions, or a last minute pop quiz to test their knowledge. These questions are multiple choice and delivered online only (nothing is sent to you) and can be taken as many times as you would like during the access period, 1 week. We've also included some last-minute study suggestion videos for your state licensing exam. We assume that if you are buying these questions you have already completed an insurance pre-licensing course and you're just wanting to test your knowledge right before your state licensing exam.

These sample questions are not a comprehensive test bank, just a sample for curious students. If you are looking for a large test bank of questions to memorize answers, we would not recommend our sample insurance questions as that isn't how we recommend studying for the licensing exam. Why not memorizing test questions?

How does America’s Professor use insurance exam questions? ... to test your CURRENT knowledge on a topic. We hope that you take a serious look at your 1st exam attempt score as it will tell you how well you are prepared from our point of view. If you score well (over 80%) the 1st attempt we feel you're headed in the right direction! :) If you score poorly be sure to go back and study your comprehensive study materials.

Lastly, our sample insurance questions are not a substitute for an insurance pre-licensing course (although you might pick up a couple pointers). If you purchase sample exams and realize you need a full course, purchase a full course and we'll gladly refund your sample exams. We want happy, adequately prepared students, because failing is no fun.